New way to reserve a lot

Online Reservation System

A fair way to reserve a lot.

There is huge demand for land and to ensure that enquiry and reservations of land are dealt with fairly, an online system has been implemented.  An email with a link to the online reservation page for releases will be sent ahead of time to reserve a lot. 

Builders can reserve a lot on behalf of their customers but we also ask your customer to subscribe to our database to be notified of new releases.

Please note 3 minutes is given to complete the reservation form (first name, surname, email, phone number, postcode and two tick boxes).  The following must be available:

- a $1000 deposit, and

- A Letter of Eligibility ready to submit to LWP Group

Once a reservation has been made we'll be in touch.

* Note these are mandatory requirements. If not available, the reservation may be cancelled and lot released for sale.