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Mahala Forrestdale
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Mahala - a neighbourly place

n many cultures, Mahala means 'neighbourhood'. Move to Mahala and you will move to a beautiful, vibrant neighbourhood that’s welcoming to all.

You’ll also discover a range of housing options to suit all budgets along with many parks and open spaces. These are being designed to retain established trees where possible to ensure immediate shade and a sense of place.

There are excellent connections to Perth Airport, the city and beyond, with immediate access to Armadale Road and the Tonkin Highway. Mahala also neighbours Forrestdale Business Park, which is a developing centre for work opportunities.

Mahala is well catered for when it comes to education with a number of schools within a 5km radius. In the future, Mahala will have its own primary school on Anstey Road so the kids can simply take a short walk to school.

Mahala Forrestdale